Thursday, November 09, 2006

Entercote ;I

AlJouhara,Albandry,& FilmGirl's Night Out

Entercote - Fanar
I know they say Gaucho Grill's steaks are good too . . . bas Entercote GHAIR ;I
The steaks are so good.. Perfectly cut & cooked..
Each time you're done with your steak, she comes around with the plate of steak..
Awal Shay To The Waitress..
Ya3ni Tharaba..
1st Round..
"Hmm, Yeah I wouldnt mind some more .. go ahead add some steak"
2nd Round
"Add me some more please, yeah a bit more, a bit more, lat9eren NA7ESA MORE!"
3rd Round
"Leave the tray and go away now please"

On The way back, the person in this picture :P
I'm not gonna say who.. bas cmon :p
Shaghlaw Mkhookhkom elDaykha :P
Ya3ni Meno :P
Needed the bathroom badly..
and alJouhara was driving like a mad person :p
Ka'anhaa Tet7ada el Ma6abat :P
and shes ignoring .. the person in the picture's
squeeking pleads to slow down :P
I 6ab3an kent 3adi Afla3 nafsi men elThe7ek :P
oo Then The Laffat and quick Uturns came :P
& The person in the pic below kanat KHALAAAA9
7atmooot :P
Wanaa Alawel warrah and alJouhara Lahya on the phone :P
I kept making Waterfall noises, Flushing Toilet Noises, and Splashing water noises :P
Te7alefat feeny elly fel pic..
Tempting me to touch..
and I DID !
I tickled her slightly :p
6ab3an she Jumped Yelling and said FilmGirl BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
o Ya wailech if u blogged about this :P
(Hence the post)
I kept tickling and tickling..
Ana elShoja3a : Um.. Yeah Sure.. Im not afraid !!!
She actually took her SHOES off and wavedthem at my face nawya Tsha6ebni! !
Law Ma We9alna Chan I'd be missing an eye now :P
Bro7i Mo Metrag3a :P Hal Mara Missin an Eye :P
Mo Khosh Shaghla ;r

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Ok, Im Baaaaa-h-k ;p
Well Its Been 4 Days Now Bas Yallah ;p
Kesal ehehe, La2 Seriously ;p Am Kinda Wrapped Up With My & Studies
Plus The Internet Enaaaarfiz, Weak Wireless n My laptop Faj2a Kharraf
oo Gam Ye6la3li Alert Enna My Windows Isnt Original :I
Wela athareeh the computer guy 7a6li a Fake Version Aw A Copy From A CD madri Shenoo
oo Lama I called n asked him laish, since he charged us fully.
He kinda snickered, then Said 3adi mako farg.
Shloun Mako Farg When You Cant UPDATE the windows, or download things properly
and you are EXTREMELY prone to viruses.
So he took the laptop back.
n Im using my little sister's now .. Who Ga3da ET'THELNI FEEH ! :P
T7asebly bel degeega wel thanya w3eshr elThnya Ge6a3 ;P
Happy B-Day Endish Mendish :*
Endish Is One Of The Sweetest People Around,
And You Might Think Im Lying, But I Honestly Am NOT ;p
Ya3ni agoolekom ;P Ana Ya3ni Lekom 3alay ;p Mo Sweet All The Time
(Ya3ni Kaiphy)
Mazaaj Wa'63i ;p Bas Endish Sweet 24hrs oo Thoughtful oo Khoosh Wa7da ;p
My tongue Dries Up A9lan When I start To Talk About Her :*
Allah Ykhaleeha To Umha,Ubooha,Albandry and Me ;p
No ROOM 7ag el baji Kaifi YAKHI :p
We Celeberated Endish's B-Day At Nino ;p
Albandry and I told her we were takin her out to Celeberate, just us 3.
When Really Kena Emyam3een All Her Close Friends n Family
Everything was goin smoothly ;p she didnt suspect a thing,..
until we got there and faj2aaaa One of Endish's friend's sister, D . Is dropped off by sayeq'haa at Nino. Right Jedamna. D looked at Endish, then at me..then at albandy, kinda panicked, was going ot jump back in the car bas Endish Already Spotted Her and was approaching her
Endish drilled her. "D ! Hi Shloonech, Sh3endich Yaya?"
D " Umm..Ummm!!!!!!!" Looks at me then albandry, then me.. then back to albandry !
"Umm AKEL !"
Endish " Ahaa.. With Who?"
Albandry acting innocent " Ee With WHO !"
FilmGirl wanting to act innocent too "Ee Ee Ee With Who ! " (Failing 6ab3an)
D whispering, not so loudly " I'm sorry" in my ear
FilmGirl trying to raggi3 "eeh Eeeh El El El ... 3AAADYYY Joooti o Yet3awa'6 !"
D: Huh? What?
Filmgirl wanting to Suffocate D : oH YES HA HA HAAAA :P
Endish : With who yaya?
D: With .... Withh........
Albandry: Ee??
D: With .. YES . . E E UMM Ra..Ra..Rahul! (Sayeq'hom..)
Endish with a smirk (Fhemat elSalfa) : Yeah, okay :D
Happy B-Day Endish :*
Chocolate Button Cake :I Nyum ;I
On Our Way To This Other Place With Albandry
It Started To Rain ;p

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Khab9at el3eed.
I escaped it.
To Lala Land.
Finally Arrived Yesterday Morning.
Will Be Back Friday Night.
3eedkom Embarak Jamee3an :*
oo Taqabal Allah 6a3atkom ;)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Take Off

Sit tight.
It's gonna be a bumpy ride.
I don't want to scare you,
but the plane takes off in five.
The "No Smoking" sign is flashing,
and the plane starts to move.
Watch out.
There is some turbulance ahead.
I don't want to scare you,
but we all could end up dead.
I'm sorry.
That was uncalled for.
But if we had to die...
I'd want you by my side.
I'd want to take that ride with you.
I want to hold your hand in the clearing.
I don't care where it leads us to.
I want to see it through with you.
I want to hold your hand in the clearing.
But that's just me.
Let's see.
I spoke my mind and you have heard.
I'm a little scared.
Because you haven't said a word.
Oh no.
I think it's almost time to go.
Didn't mean to scare you.
I just thought I'd let you know
I've always loved you,
and I think we both know...
Someday I'll have you by my side.
Someday I'll take that ride with you.
Someday I'll hold your hand in the clearing.
I don't care where it leads us to.
I want to be right there with you.
I want to hold your hand in the clearing.
And there I'll be.
There I'll be.
-By FilmGirl
I just love flying :P
I dont get all you out here who dont.
I wont sleep though LAW SHENO. Or use the bathroom for that matter.
I dont mind long flights either, watch a few movies. Write Something, Read Something.
I hate it lama ykon 3endi salfa ;P
wBaktebhaaa Bas When I Do Te6la3 Too Long :P
7asapha Ya3ni :P
I dont want to post it eb post thani :P
Fa 6APH ! :p
All You Out There Should Laugh Though :P
Cuz Kan Khoosh Shay :P
Ra7at 3alaikom :P

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Kitchen Invasion









They tasted...sigh. ......
Lost For Words ;p
Ask AlBandry & EndisheMendish :P
You Wont Believe Me If I told You :P
AlMu6aireya Elly Matjamel, oo Bezyada La YOMKEN Compliments Law Sheno,
Gave Me A Thumbs Up While Eating Two :P


When Working With Spices And Chilli Powder, Always ALWAYS ..Always ALWAYS Wear Gloves...
Dont Repeat My Mistakes Law Sema7taw :p

Tekhayelaw Afterwards, Even After Washing My Hands Throughly,
I wiped my forehead and a while after my eyes started to burn LOL ;p
Then My Nose, Then My Lips..
A77 You Shoulda Seen Me Walk Around The Kitchen Like A Mad Woman,
Walkin Into Fridges, Cabinets, Doors, Kelshay :P
and I kept sneezing LOL ;p
Mahzalaa :P

Friday, October 13, 2006

Mughamarat Habla-ton

Inaha Hablaton Kaberaton.
Don't You Agree AlBandry :p
Meet our housekeeper ladies and gentlemen. Men Akthar elNas..3aba6an Fel 3alam ..
Mughamarat'ha FA'6E3A !
HaaaaaaaaaaaaaH !!
I'll tell you why ;p
Part I
That Jolly Fun Tradition Of Ours ;p
This is her first gergee3an with us ;p
On the last day of Gergee3an, I wa9ait'ha 3ala the kids..
And instructed her to give them each, 1 scoop of candy.
Unless they were dressed REAL CUTE, then they could have 2-3
depending on how cute they were ;p
She gave out candy.
Well there was one teeny thing I forgot to tell her that time, was that ina
Gergee3an was 3 days ONLY.
For the next week,
everytime the bell Rang, I could hear her RUNNING to the main door.
Often Slipping & Sliding On The Marble Floors,
Running into walls, doors, anything basically.
I'd ignore it, thinkin she had a salfa.
Until 9edfatan.. I was going out athna2 her Road Runner Phase..
Wela Athareeha, Whenever the Bell Rang She'd Go Out To The Door
and Instruct the Bell Ringee to Sing For Candy!
Haw Haw Haw LOL ;p
Bada3at !
Elmishkela enna it was my friend's driver, dropping off stuff for me,
wel7elo Ma3endah Meshkela :P Ge3ad Yeth7ak oo Ghana !!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


These past few days.. Ive been feeling down for some reason,
I hide it well though, Its hard to see me without my smile..
Whenever I'm having fun with friends or wtv, I remember something is wrong
and my "fun" is put to a stop. I donno what it is, but something is wrong.
Something is missing.
Something doesnt feel right.
Your reflection stares back
So plain and empty
Something is missing
But you don't know what.
You look different
You feel bleak
What could be causing this?
What do you need?
You thought you were whole
Your life flowed easily
But now you're lost
Something is gone.
Long, cold nights..
Whatever's wrong You can't recall.
Just the same, something's missing;
Something You need right now,
More than anything in the world.
You don't know what's missing
You just know You can't find peace
Will someone help me,
tell me whats wrong ..
Wheres my missing piece of the puzzle??
Doomy Lata Chocolata Deleted Her Blog..
Chai-7aleeb Is Missing
Taqwa & ZizoTime Made A Return..
I miss being a kid.
I miss not worrying about things.
I miss going to sleep with a clear mind.
I miss holding my moms hand before I went to sleep.
I miss Maryam (Allah Yer7amha)
I miss having so7our with her.
I miss her.
I miss playing with my cousins.
I miss our Flinstone Vitamin Race.
I miss the time when the house next door didnt exist.
I miss going and exploring that land with him.
I miss climbing those hills of Sand and acting as if we were warriors.
I miss being Princess Warrior Thumbalina.
I miss being taller than everybody.
I miss going to Chalet.
I miss catching fish with our IceCream Bowls.
I miss glitter nailpolish.
I miss wishing I was Ariel.
I miss laughing at "Mufasa".
I miss my brother.
I miss going to school with my brother.
I miss pointing at him and saying, yeah hes my brother. B-)
I miss those carefree days..
Good Ole Days..